In comes the train and the whole platform shakes,
It stops with a shudder and a screaming of brakes,
The parting has come and my weary soul aches,
I'm leaving my Nancy O,
You stand there so calmly so determinedly gay,
You talk of the weather and events of the day,
And your eyes tell me all that your tongue doesn't say,
Goodbye my Nancy O.

And come a little closer,
Lay your head upon my shoulder,
And let me hold you one more time,
Before the whistle blows.

My suitcase is lifted and stored on the train,
A thousand regrets whirl around in my brain,
And the ache in my heart it's a black sea of pain,
I'm leaving my Nancy O,
You stand there so calmly so lovely to see,
And the grip of your hand it's an unspoken plea,
You're not fooling yourself and you're not fooling me,
Goodbye my Nancy O.

But our time has run out and the whistle has blown,
Here I must leave you standing alone,
We had so little time and now the time's gone,
Goodbye my Nancy O.
And as the train starts gently to roll,
And as I lean out for to wave and to call,
I see your first tears as they trickle and fall,
Goodbye my Nancy O.